Pay the Man – Success Doesn’t Come Easy

23 Apr Pay the Man – Success Doesn’t Come Easy

Written by Brad Burdette. Today’s Your Victory Day!

“Everything has a just price to be paid.”

That statement seems to be a lost mentality in our world today. We have become so used to the speed at which information flows in our microwave, instant society that we tend to forget that there are some things that just have to be paid for.

What in the world am I talking about, you maybe wondering? I’m talking about the view point that mainstream society takes on success and greatness. We have become caught up in the get rich quick hype and forgotten that true success and greatness comes from paying the price for it. A great pianist was once complemented on her exceptional ability to play. The comment was made that it would take a lifetime to learn how to play that well. The pianist’s only comment was, “It did”. She had paid the price with countless hours of practice to become as good as she was. The problem is we don’t see the painstaking hours of practice that went into making her that great.

When we see famous people in movies and on TV, when we hear stories of success from the newest internet millionaire, or when we see a business thriving in the market place, is the first thing that you thing about, “They must have paid the price to be where they are at?” No, we think “Wouldn’t that be awesome to be rich and famous!” We don’t think about the price that has to be paid. Why? Because it’s not any fun, that’s why. That’s why not everyone’s a millionaire, great at what they do, a standout in their field, or considered an expert on the subject.

Everything has a just price to be paid and it has to be paid on the front end, not on the installment plan.

This may not seem like an encouragement but don’t turn off just yet – stick with me.

Take a moment to think about this: what does it take for you to be the best at what you do? Start to picture yourself going through that process, the books that need to be read, the hours that need to be put in, the sleep that has to be lost, and the things that have to be built. Now, picture yourself as the best at what you do, what does that look like? Lastly, ask yourself one question, was it worth it?

The answer to the last question sums it all up. That should be the encouragement you need to pay the man.

Brad Burdette is a life coach, motivational speaker and author of the Midweek Encouragement weekly newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter by contacting Brad at Today’s your Victory Day!
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