Quit or Be Fired

21 Sep Quit or Be Fired

Ever dream of quitting your job?
You’re not alone…

Are you miserable at your job?

At the time I wrote this blog, more than 85% of the people who have taken our survey plan to leave their current job in less than 5 years.

Maybe you’re one of the 15% who don’t plan to leave your current job soon. But…if you’re on this site…odds are, you’ve at least thought about it.

And you may be one of the folks that are miserable in your job…but you offer excuses like this:

‘But I don’t want to give up the security of my job’.
‘How will I keep benefits if I don’t keep my job?’
‘Only 15 more years, and I can retire and do what I want!’

If you’re miserable in your job, you aren’t the only one that knows this. I’d wager that your boss and your co-workers already know this. You can only fake it so long.

A good friend recently told me that he’d been fired in his last job. It’s not that he was a bad person…or did evil things at work. He wasn’t passionate about it. He didn’t enjoy it. And – it showed.

So how about you? How long can you fake it?

Quit or be fired.

I recommend to quit…to leave on your own terms. But don’t do it without a plan.

Need help in figuring out the next steps? Contact us at questions@leadershipequip.com. Or, purchase our ‘True North’ audiobook here to get you started. You won’t regret the choice of leaving on your own terms instead of being fired.

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