Re-Focus 2011: Vocational Changes

07 Jan Re-Focus 2011: Vocational Changes

(Our continuing series of how to bring improvement to your life by re-focusing on key areas of your life).

Vocational Changes

Have you been longing for a change in your job?

Maybe there’s a good reason you haven’t made a change. Maybe there’s a bad reason. Regardless…you know it’s time for a change.

Here are some suggestions for getting on the right vocational path:

*Figure out what you like about your current role
Do you like the details of what you are doing day to day?
Do you like your colleagues and your current company?

*Figure out what you hate about your current role
Are you being underutilized?
Are you unappreciated?
Are you unable to use your key strengths day to day?

*Reflect on the past
What are recurring themes from your jobs in the past? For example, have you loved working with people, but hate working with numbers?
Where have you had the most success?
What types of environments did you thrive in?
What types of bosses did you work well with?

*Self-Assess yourself
What’s your overall personality?
What are your key strengths?
What are your key values?
What are your best skills?
What skills do you want, but don’t yet have?

*Make a plan
The plan can be the hard part sometimes. But…no one is going to do it for you.

First, put goals and a timeline on it. If you want to get additional training, put it in your personal budget and get it done by September 1 (for example)
Do you want to ‘job shadow’ for a couple of different positions that you want to explore? Find someone in the position and spend time with them on their job.
Do you want to know which positions your personality, values, and skills would fit? Take a good vocational assessment like the Strong Interpretive Report.

Regardless of how big the ‘hurdle’ may seem to change your vocation…it’s still possible. Start taking steps to make the change happen today.

Need help in this process? We’d be happy to help. Check out more of our resources here

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