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16 Apr Reusable Grocery Bags | Friday Frugal Tips

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Paper or Plastic? That’s not a choice that we need to make anymore. Over the past few years another option has been given to us, helping our checkbooks and the environment. The reusable bag is a cheap and environmentally friendly product that is being used to carry our groceries, our books, and even our wallets. Earthwise is the leading manufacturer of these cheap reusable bags, they provided the gift bags at the Oscars this year.

I’m sure you’ve seen these bags before; every supermarket sells their own version of the bags. Since I shop at Kroger I’ll use the Kroger bags and saving program to show you this week’s frugal tip.

The Cost

These bags are cheap. A 2-pack can be purchased for $1. If you perform the complicated math, the unit cost is $0.50 each.

We have 8 bags bringing our total investment to $4. Kroger offers $0.05 credit for each bag resulting in a $0.40 savings each trip to the grocery store.

I know 40 cents doesn’t seem like much, but I know many people who get excited when they come across a 40 cent coupon for a product they love. It’s the same thing, money credited is money saved.

Tricks of the Trade

Kroger credits the bag discount before any groceries are scanned. If you have 8 bags, the cashier will big you 40 cents. If you have 10, you’ll get 50 cents. Even if the bagger does not use all the bags, the discount will not be change.

The bags can be used in many other way besides transporting groceries from point A to point B. I use them to transport my 2-liters of pop to work every week. Carrying 3 or 4 bottles of pop is easy with the reusable bags. If you haven’t read the Soda Pop Friday Frugal Tip, I would advise you to take a few minutes to read it. I save over $750 per year with it.


It takes 10 trips to the grocery store to pay for the investment of 8 bags. We grocery shop once a week, so there will be 42 weeks left in the year to realize our savings. 42 weeks x $0.40 = $16.80. This is money earned by using the bags.

I can’t think of many products that actually earn money instead of siphoning it. That’s over a 400% return on investment, not bad in my book.

I understand that many people will think making $16.80 a year is pointless, but money is money. I don’t think anyone would walk by a $20 bill sitting on ground, so why would you not want to get a little extra for something you already have to do anyway.

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