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19 Jul 069 Financial Excellence: Cash Flow Lessons Learned for Small Businesses

[caption id="attachment_1753" align="aligncenter" width="234" caption="Click here to leave a review on iTunes"][/caption] Episode 69: Cash Flow Basics for Small Businesses; Crap! I Got a Credit Card; Yakezie Challenge Update; July 19, 2011. Today I intended to cover some lessons I learned about small business cash flow over...

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01 Sep 023 Financial Excellence: Follow Your Calling & Start a Business

[caption id="attachment_2482" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Click here to subscribe or leave a review on iTunes for Living In Financial Excellence"]Living In Financial Excellence[/caption] Living In Financial Excellence Episode 23: Following Your Calling, Starting a Business, Pursuing Your Dreams, Sept 1, 2010. After talking about preparing for a job loss in Episode 21 and job search technique that work in Episode 22, we feel it necessary to pursue the least commonly discussed option: starting your own business and pursuing your passion(s). Show notes: - We spent time this weekend with drummer Jeff Jones from one of our favorite bands, Big Daddy Weave (talk about a career that literally rocks). Aside from touring with the band, Jeff has a lot of cool business irons in the fire and they're all exciting. Check out his website, to see how he is following his calling in life. - What were you put on this earth to do? How are you using your talents to fulfill that calling?
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