Take Advantage of Time Off to Get Ahead in Business

27 Dec Take Advantage of Time Off to Get Ahead in Business

How do you get ahead in business? Do what everyone else isn’t willing to do.

Small business success depends in large part on the efforts of the entrepreneur. Often, the most successful small businesses are not those who are doing more of the same things that everyone else is doing. They’re doing things the competition isn’t willing to do.

Here’s what I mean. My office is located in a relatively large professional suites building. Besides me, the other offices in the building are a financial services provider, a chiropractor, a periodontist, a lawyer, and a psychiatrist. These are all what I would consider to be successful small businesses. I say this because usually during the week the parking lot is pretty full. But today there are only three or four cars in the parking lot.

But that didn’t surprise me a whole lot. Traditionally, this week (the week after Christmas) is an empty parking lot week. Everyone is on vacation or taking time off. It’s that short period of time between Christmas and New Year’s when not a lot gets done. Many of us just came off a few days’ vacation and are preparing for another long weekend. It’s so hard to get caught up after the long weekend and you just don’t feel like accomplishing much before the next long weekend. It’s not just the businesses in my building. There are a lot of small businesses that aren’t getting anything done this week.

And so, many of us count this week as a throwaway week. I know I felt that way when I was an employee, working for someone else. My salary was the same whether I accomplished anything during this week every year or not. But now that I own several small businesses and my success depends on my direct efforts, I look at it a little differently.  Whys is my car one of the only cars in the parking lot this whole week?

I could be like everyone else and take the time off because it doesn’t pay to even come in to work this week. Instead, I’m taking the opportunity to get work done when my competitors are losing productivity. I’m getting ahead on my blog articles. I’m catching up on bookkeeping. I’m planning out next year’s strategic goals. I’m even meeting with several clients this week because several of them have time off from work (I’m taking advantage of this week to meet their needs when it’s most convenient for them). But most importantly, I’m getting results in my business and getting ahead while others are falling behind.

What are you doing this week to get ahead in your business?

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