This Year Can Be Your Best! Just ask Cindy…

01 Feb This Year Can Be Your Best! Just ask Cindy…

I want to take this time and create a special dedication to Cindy Hirch. Cindy is an amazing woman of transformation. Now interning with 180 Career Coaching, she was also a client of mine as her and I went through an incredible process of self discovery, purpose, and real vision. Through thick and thin she has been through quite an incredible year, overcoming many obstacles and mountains (including cancer), and God continues to unfold in her life amazing beginnings. I’m so proud of her transformation!

Joel Boggess of 4 Points Coaching recently interviewed her on his morning show, and in it she recaps a pretty clear explanation for what has happened!

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Lives are transforming everyday, and this year can be your best yet!

Some people will get to the end of this year, and wonder what happened. It will seem like just another cycle of endless repetition.  Life tends to repeat itself when we don’t decide to make much needed changes. Amazingly, people will live like this for years in some sort of complacent state, though they are miserable.
A few reasons for this may stem from:

  1. They never believed they could do great things.
  2. They preferred to settle for complacency over maximizing their most precious gift; which is NOW – this very moment.
  3. They were too focused on what’s going to happen in 2020, instead of understanding what’s possible NOW.

Having a vision is important, or the perfect world that you want to attain in this life, but you can’t live there. You have to live now, at this very moment while believing that through every given moment and potential, anything you set your hearts on can be achieved.

First off, we all need to believe in ourselves. Belief is everything… The entire creation of the universe was believed into existence, by the one who also believes that one with the faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, or even say to this tree to uproot itself and replant over there, and it will be done.

Yes, faith without action is dead, but if the faith did not bring some form of action that it required, then the faith was not big enough to begin with.

Believe in yourself, envision the life of your dreams, and pay attention to what you realistically can accomplish NOW? If you believe, and you move forward, the world will begin to move with you.

This is Your Year! Right now is YOUR Moment, and it’s the greatest gift that God gives you, so make it happen!

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