Top 5 Relocation Tips

23 Jun Top 5 Relocation Tips

Texas is one part of the US that has experienced an incredible boom in jobs and growth. There are no state income taxes and house prices are cheap. But if you’re thinking about relocating to America you need a plan. Let’s say you’re following other foreigners in moving to the Lone Star State. These tips are going to show you how to do it.

  1. Think about Where You’re Going to Live

People from smaller countries often underestimate just how large Texas is. And so they can’t make informed decisions about where they should live. They may choose an apartment in the heart of Dallas only to find out that to get to the other side of Central Dallas it’s going to take them at least an hour.

Don’t just move to the US with no plan. Make some trips before to figure out the distances from where you will have to travel each day from where you want to live. Also, don’t forget to add in other miscellaneous price differences.

  1. Be Aware of Taxes and Charges

Texas is one of the few states in the country with no state income taxes, so things are quite simple here. But you still have to deal with property taxes and any Federal taxes you may have to pay, depending on your situation. Depending on what you plan to do here, you need to work this out.

Speak to an accountant who’s an expert on US tax affairs (and Texas tax affairs) and discuss your situation with them.

  1. Adjust to the Local Culture

As great as Texas is, it’s certainly not for everyone. Just because you can easily find a job in Texas doesn’t mean you’ll like it here. Before you even consider relocating to Wimberley Texas you should visit a few times and see if you can adjust to the way things are done here.

You’ll usually determine whether you like the place within the initial days and weeks, but you don’t want to relocate only to find you preferred life back home.

  1. Can You Afford the Quality of Life You Want?

Arguably the most important point of all, you need to check the cost of living in your chosen location. You could live practically anywhere, but if you can’t afford to spend anything on recreation or luxuries are you really going to be happy there?

Texas is extremely affordable compared to the rest of the nation, but you still need to do the math to figure out whether Texas is going to give you that all important quality of life.

  1. Making Sure the Move Goes Smoothly

Shipping your entire house overseas is going to get expensive extremely quickly. It’s always better to choose a few choice items and buy the rest when you get here. Compare the various shipping companies for both quality and cost and only take what you really need.

It’s always best to pay slightly more for a good shipping company than to save a few dollars by opting for a cheap, poor quality alternative.

Last Word – Will You Move to the USA?

Now that you have these important tips for relocating to the USA, you’ve already covered most of the bases. Do you have any tips on relocating to the USA?

  • Sarah
    Posted at 12:42h, 29 June

    Really good points to consider Justin. A friend of mine recently relocated to Texas, and the tax considerations threw me!
    I’ve listed a few of my own tips on buying a new place (many of which apply to renting too) here:
    (There’s a free downloadable template your readers might find useful too!)
    Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for sharing!