Using Skype to Help Your Business Grow

06 Jan Using Skype to Help Your Business Grow

How Skype Helps my Business Grow

As a business owner, I’m always looking for good, free tools to help me be more efficient and grow the business. One of my favorite free tools is Skype.

I love Skype because it’s convenient, it’s user-friendly, and most of all it’s free to use. Yes, you can upgrade and purchase all kinds of great features, but the basic version is free. Skype allows you to talk and/or video chat over the internet with other Skype users at no charge. That’s pretty cool by itself, and it’s actually very handy. I have tried other free video chat services, and Skype is by far the best quality.

Business Uses for Skype

I use Skype to video conference with my coaching clients and the people who coach me. I record my coaching sessions with a free tool called CallGraph [affiliate link] and share the recording with my clients so they can go back and listen to the session again. With Skype, my clients all over the country and internationally can still get the personal, one-to-one feel of coaching without leaving their home or office. They can see my face while we talk, which is important in such a personal industry. I can share my screen with them so they can see me going through forms on my computer. We can share files directly via Skype and avoid wasting time by waiting for emails to download to our in-boxes. The best part about it is I can have my hands free to type and write notes while talking – I don’t have to get a kink in my neck from holding the phone against my shoulder for a one-hour conversation.

I can also bring guests into our podcasting studio remotely through Skype. The sound quality is great and when I run it through our mixer, it sounds like they’re in the same room. I have even called in as a guest on live radio shows using Skype. Sometimes I call other lines and record the call for later, like when I recorded a long distance interview with author Adam Shepard about his book Scratch Beginnings and used it in the podcast.

Disadvantages of Skype

There are a few drawbacks to using Skype, like it sometimes has intermittent audio problems, especially if you’re using wireless internet access. If you’re going to use Skype for a lot of video and data transfer, you probably want to hook directly up to the DSL or cable internet connection. Otherwise I just keep in mind that it’s a tool (a very inexpensive one at that) and I move on.

Cost-effective Skype Upgrades

Oh, I almost forgot. I mentioned some upgrades. Here’s where there is a little cost to using Skype but a lot of benefit. For about $36 per year, I purchased unlimited outgoing calls where I can call any phone in the US & Canada as much as I want. I could call phones without that annual subscription but there’s a cost per minute that applies. It didn’t take long for me to see the benefit of buying a year at a time for such a low price. For a little bit more, I can establish an incoming phone number, where any phone can call me directly on my computer. I’m thinking about doing this and eliminating the need for a cell phone, or simply to have a main office phone line that I can access wherever I go.

If you’re a small business owner, especially in the professional services industry, you may want to investigate Skype as a tool for growing your business. I’m glad I did.

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