What Do You Expect from a Career Coach?

09 Oct What Do You Expect from a Career Coach?

We’ve asked this question recently to a lot of people…and have received a lot of responses.

Some of these responses include:

*To better understand my personality and what careers best fit me
*Someone to help me know how to network.
*I need to know what skills to develop for a better career
*It just depends on the individual…everyone needs something different!

These are some of the typical things that are clients have also asked us for.

A key here is that you are still responsible for the results w/ a career coach.

What? Isn’t that what we pay you for?

You pay us to help you with all those things (and more) listed above. But…eventually…it’s you that has to make the decision. It’s you that has to ‘pull the trigger’ on making a change.

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