When Losing Your Job is a Good Thing…

16 Dec When Losing Your Job is a Good Thing…

I remember the day so clearly….

I was walking through light snow into where my wife worked. She worked in a Caboose (the local Chamber of Commerce was based there). She was so happy to see me. I was glad to see her as well, but I had news for her. Big news…I had been laid off.

We were newly married. I’d carefully chosen from 3 solid job possibilities. And…this one would provide the most ‘stability’.

I learned quickly that stability is a facade.

In retrospect, it was a good thing to get laid off: I wasn’t in the best ‘fit’. Plus, I got a signing bonus and severance pay. Basically, I got paid about a year’s salary for 4 months of work.

This ‘eye-opening’ experience helped me get on a much better track, actually. I know know what a good ‘fit’ for me is and isn’t. I now make almost 3X what I did in that job. But more than anything, I learned that change can happen quickly…and change can be good.

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