When your Washing Machine Breaks: Know your Options

23 May When your Washing Machine Breaks: Know your Options

Washing Machine with lid open

Our washing machine is starting to fail on us, which can be quite a scary event. We discovered the problem the hard way: by going to switch out loads of laundry and stepping in water. This happened in the very same week that our water heater failed and leaked all over our basement. Needless to say my wife and I were not amused.

I guess we shouldn’t complain a whole lot. The washer is paid for, and has been since we bought it nine years ago. When we bought it for $150, it was already old. We’re not sure how old, but it looked like the washing machine I grew up with, so it could be anywhere from 15-30 years old by now. That’s not bad considering the average washer lasts about 10 years these days. So we bought it cheap, moved it twice, and it still lasted another nine years. Did I mention it’s a Maytag? I’ve always chuckled at those old commercials where the Maytag repairman has nothing to do all day.

But now we have some decisions to make. The water isn’t shutting off when the tub fills up for the rinse cycle, so we need to do something. We can a) sit next to the washer for each load to make sure the water shuts off, b) call the Maytag repairman and get it fixed, c) buy another used washer, or d) buy a new, high efficiency washer.

Since weighing our options requires some research, I’m going to make a mini blog series of our saga and quest for cleaner clothes. I’ll update you with the research we find on new washers, old washers and more. And of course, I’ll let you know which option we choose in the end. Stay tuned!


  • Anonymous
    Posted at 15:15h, 24 May

    Matt, we have a washer issue right now as well! We’re having to run the cycle twice to complete the load; its wierd… It’s also manageable but a pain, so we’re on the hunt for a new one this summer… Looking forward to your findings!

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 16:11h, 24 May

      I totally feel your pain Rob. More info coming very soon!